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Melissa Henderson - Mortgage Agent

Waterloo Mortgage Agent with access to over 50 lenders

With close to 18 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry, I will work with you to understand and assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what you can comfortably afford. Providing Mortgage Services to clients across Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas from Woodstock to Guelph.


We needed financing to build a home more suitable for retirement, while we still lived in our existing home. Melissa is extremely professional and very hands on to make sure everything runs smoothly. She goes the extra mile in making sure everything is done properly and will interact with the ... Read More

~ Peter & Melanie Stern

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  • Mortgage Agent Kitchener

    How To Qualify For A Mortgage In An Uncertain Market

    When applying for a mortgage, borrowers are often put through a grueling process to prove their creditworthiness. Depending on their financial situations and the type of mortgages they need, lenders impose certain restrictions and guidelines which the borrower must abide by. However, with the widespread impacts of COVID-19 and the downturn of the economy, lending restrictions have gotten even stricter.

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  • Mortgage Agent Kitchener

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Financing

    With several changes introduced to the mortgage industry, navigating through your financial options will be a lot more challenging than before. To effectively obtain what you need, it’s best to work with a mortgage broker. However, if it’s your first time using a mortgage expert’s services, you may have a ton of questions about their products and services but often find answers difficult to come by. To clear your doubts and arm you with the most accurate information, experienced mortgage agent Melissa Henderson from The Mortgage Group brokerage has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about mortgage financing.

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