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Before you take possession of your new home, you need to consider all the additional costs of obtaining your home. These are called closing costs and are estimated to be around 1.5% of the purchase price. These costs include myriads of fees of services of third parties, such as your real estate attorney and your mortgage lender, and other expenses required to finalize a mortgage deal.

However, closing fees may vary depending on the type of mortgage, the mortgage lender, and your state you live in. Therefore you will need to know what closing costs are and what is included in the closing disclosure documents. Reviewing them closely can help eliminate any financial obstacles and clear your doubts on any point you don’t understand.

At Melissa Henderson - Mortgage Agent, I want to help you with key decisions during the mortgage application process until completing the application and closing the loan on time. I will closely analyze your mortgage estimate and provide you with a product option to help you save big bucks on your mortgage.

The majority of the closing cost mostly falls on the homebuyer. These fees may include but are not limited to tax premium on the mortgage default insurance, and the default insurance premium, home inspection, appraisal, house insurance, legal fees, title insurance, utility deposits, property taxes, activation fees, and forwarding your mail costs. So in order to get your house keys in hand, you will need to compare the shop and negotiate some fees to reduce the closing cost.

There are lenders and third-party services, such as homeowners insurance policies and title companies, that can help you save significant money on closing costs but do so quickly as these services take time.

If you’re a buyer and would like to take proactive steps while house hunting and applying for a mortgage, the first step is to be looking for the right mortgage agent. And if you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Waterloo, ON, give me a call at (519) 616-0548 or email me at melissa.henderson@mortgagegroup.com. I am an independent mortgage agent with TMG The Mortgage Group Ontario, I ensure that the mortgage option I give you is tailored to your needs and requirements. Having the experience of over eighteen years, I will work on your behalf and help you understand what is affordable and what are the best mortgage solutions for your financial needs.

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