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Located in Southwestern Ontario, Guelph is a great place to live.

Located east of Kitchener and West of Toronto, it's city living without having the population of Toronto. The University of Guelph is internationally recognized and this vibrant community has a lot to offer.

If you already own your home or are looking to purchase a home, contact Guelph Mortgage Agent today to find out your best mortgage financing options.

With close to 18 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry, I will work with you to understand and assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what you can comfortably afford.

If you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Guelph, ON, give me a call at (519) 616-0548 or email me at I am an independent mortgage agent with TMG The Mortgage Group Ontario.

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Whether you are purchasing, renovating, consolidating debts, title separation or investing into real estate, I can get you to the right solution and the right connection.

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