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With close to 18 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry, I will work with you to understand and assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what you can comfortably afford.

If you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Kitchener - Waterloo, ON, give me a call at (519) 616-0548 or email me at I am an independent mortgage agent with TMG The Mortgage Group Ontario.

Looking for a home in Kitchener Waterloo? If you already own your home or are looking to purchase a home in the Region of Waterloo, I can help with navigating some options for your mortgage financing needs. Kitchener Waterloo offers many opportunities for work, family activities, and festivals. The average home price for a single detached is $1,000,000 in May 2022. Call Kitchener - Waterloo Mortgage Agent to set up an appointment today.

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Whether you are purchasing, renovating, consolidating debts, title separation or investing into real estate, I can get you to the right solution and the right connection.

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