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As your mortgage professional, I will work with you to understand and assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what is affordable. There is a solution for you and I believe YOUR input is top priority in order to make the decision together.

Is your mortgage up for renewal in the 2-3years?

Good idea to starting thinking ahead. While we've had rate cuts recently, you may be sitting in a high fixed rate mortgage. Having a mortgage review makes sense. You may want to refinance to consolidate debt or use to update your home. There's no cost to getting an opinion from a mortgage professional.

Are you planning on starting your own business anytime soon?

t's harder to qualify for a mortgage when you are newly self-employed. Make the changes to your mortgage while you are still able to qualify and to simplify payments will allow you to have a cushion while building your business. Refinancing can come with some costs but it's important to talk to a mortgage professional first to be informed.

Your home equity line of credit and high interest credit card balances hasn't decreased?

If you have high balances and don't see them declining, consider converting it to a mortgage. This will provide you with a set amortization period which will let you pay off the balance in full and have a fixed payment schedule.

Has your credit score changed for the better?

If you originally got a higher interest rate mortgage because your credit report was showing a favourable rating, then it's time for a review. An improved credit score may qualify you for a lower interest rate and save you precious dollars every month to use towards something else.

It doesn't take long to determine if your mortgage is in need of a makeover. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a mortgage consultation makes sense.

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