Investment Property Mortgage in Waterloo, Ontario

Mortgage Broker in Waterloo, ON

As your mortgage agent, I will work with you to understand and assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what is affordable. There is a solution for you and I believe YOUR input is top priority in order to make the decision together.

Are you thinking of purchasing an investment property or add to your existing portfolio? The 20% down payment is required for the down payment
plus closing costs from your own resources. Is there enough equity in your home, that you might  take the equity out of a property for the down payment?


  • Explain the various mortgage products available to you and offer advice on which terms, features, and rates are best suited to you and your financial situation
  • Gather the documentation you need to get a mortgage work up
  • Customize your mortgage options to make sure the mortgage product works for you
  • Explain all the costs involved, over and above your down payment

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